1. The Ultimate Hangover Guide: Recover Like a Pro with Natural Remedies


    Ah, the sweet, sweet sound of memories, laughter and...hammering headaches? We've all been there, enjoying ourselves, being the life of the party till we wake up with a pounding headache, aching muscles, blurred vision and the dreaded yet unavoidable ‘‘hangxiety’’. Yes, I'm talking about the kind of hangovers that have you lying in your bed, manually breathing and checking your own pulse. The one thing you never signed up for but always seems to come free of charge with a night of mischief.

    We are going to be honest with you... the experience of a 'hangover-free party' doesn't exist. We can't promise that, but we can guarantee that with our ultimate hangover guide, you'll bounce back like a spring chicken!

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  2. Diving Into Ancient Human History & Magic Mushroom Usage


    Shrooms, magic mushrooms, fun caps, psilocybin mushrooms or God- whatever you choose to call them… These tiny bundles of magic have made history among the lives of humans daring enough to venture into the "other" side for thousands of years. Although they are small, they pack a powerful punch to the Ego. With just one nibble, you could find yourself sparkling with creativity, seeing light beings or having an ethereal journey transformative enough to serve you in this life and the next.

    Forget what you heard about the shiitake or the bland button mushroom and step into the world of psychedelics. These magic mushrooms have been used by countless tribes and cultures worldwide for centuries due to their a

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  3. This is the best way to consume magic truffles


    Are you like me and you absolutely hate the unfamiliar bitter taste that you must endure when consuming magic truffles? Are you looking for a new and exciting way to consume them? Have you had it and just want to trip balls without the slight taste of battery acid following you into your trip? Then look no further!

    In this blog, I will be sharing fun, creative and (most importantly) delicious ways to incorporate magic truffle adventures.

    No matter if you're an experienced psychonaut or a curious soul, we'll have something new for you. From teas and fudgy brownies to more unconventional methods-we've got you covered.

    So, if you're ready to level up your magic truffle game, join me as we explore the very best and tastiest ways to enjoy these fungal delicacies.


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  4. Australia legalizes MDMA and Psilocybin!



    It’s happening, folks! It’s really happening! Pinch me, because this must be a dream...

    Are you ready to embrace the trippy, mind-expanding powers of psychedelics? Well, good news my friend, because Australia has just legalized medical psychedelics, and I, for one, am over the moon.

    Gone are the days of traditional therapy sessions and monotonous medications and instead we move forward and explore the world of psychedelics and all the benefits they have to offer. I mean, who needs a therapist when you can drop some acid and reconnect with your inner child, right?

    But in all seriousness, this decision is a game-changer for the world of mental healthcare. Finally, we

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  5. Did you know: Some animals like to take psychedelics in the wild?



    Welcome to: the psychedelic side of the animal kingdom. Get ready to discover the surprising truth that some of the planet's creatures not only get high - but they do it with enthusiasm! From herbivores to predators, monkeys to marine mammals... we're taking a closer look at the different animals that enjoy psychedelic experiences, the substances they consume and the strange behaviors that follow.

    Buckle up, because we're about to take a wild ride into nature where we will explore trippy animals. Let’s get started!


    What are hallucinogens and how is it possible for animals to get high?

    Hallucinogenics are a class of psychedelics s

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  6. This is your brain on LSD



    It is time for yet another fascinating discussion on the world-famous psychedelic: LSD! Have you ever wondered where this powerful hallucinogenic drug came from? Or perhaps you've heard some of the recent buzz about its potential therapeutic benefits? What about what happens to our brains when we take LSD? Whether you're a curious individual or a long-term psychonaut, this blog is for you.

    Join me on a journey through the history and science of LSD. From its accidental discovery in a Swiss laboratory to its infamous counterculture status, we'll explore its unique origin story and how it became one of the most recognizable

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  7. 3 medicinal mushrooms you need in your life


    In this article, we will be exploring 3 well-known beneficial medicinal mushrooms. We’re taking a break this week from our usual magic mushroom content to look at some other fungi that can benefit us in ways that magic mushrooms cannot. Although, I suppose magic mushrooms could be considered medicinal… However, we’ll be looking at some non-psychoactive mushrooms that are medicinal in a ‘‘day-to-day life enhancement’’ way, not in a ‘‘melt your face off’’ kind of way.

    We will be checking out some basic information on lions mane, turkey tail and chaga! Three exceptional mushroom supplements that you need in

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  8. 7 easy steps to growing your own magic mushrooms at home like a pro!





    Whether you're an experienced mushroom enthusiast or a novice gardener, this blog will provide you with all of the information you need to succeed in your at-home mushroom-growing adventures.

    In this blog, we will cover all of the basics surrounding growing mushrooms, using our magic mushroom grow kits. We'll talk about the different steps in the growing process, what supplies you'll need to get started and some additional tips and tricks.

    If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to cultivate your own magic mushrooms in the comfort of your o

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  9. This is why you should be taking Ashwagandha


    With countless adaptogens popping up left right and center, it can get a bit overwhelming! I often see titles in the news that go along the lines of ‘‘New must-try supplement to help with anxiety and depression!’’. I always have to laugh because many of these ‘‘new’’ supplements are actually not new at all. Many of them are ancient natural remedies that humans have been accurately applying to their lives to promote healing, longevity and a stable mood.

    In this article, we will be looking at one natural remedy in particular: Ashwagandha! You’ve probably heard of it before and if you haven’

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  10. Learn about the mysterious Amantia Muscaria!



    The famously enchanting Amanita Muscaria! I have been wanting to write a blog about this mushroom for ages because I just find it so interesting. Ironically enough, most individuals do not know many facts about this mushroom despite it being the #1 most recognizable and well-known mushroom of (possibly) all time. For many of us, this is the particular mushroom that comes to mind when we think of mushrooms as a whole. This is another reason why I am so excited to be writing this blog for you. Everyone knows what this mushroom looks like… We even have an emoji for it!

    In this article, I hope to keep things clear and informative so you can easily digest some facts about Amanita Muscaria.

    Getting to know the Amanita M

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