LSD & Bicycle day. The journey of Hofmann.

Bicycle Day is held all over the world on April 19. The international holiday honors the accidental journey by bicycle on the day that the Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann discovered the psychic effects of Lysergic Acid as he drove home from his laboratory. The first LSD trip was a shocking experience, but Hofmann knew he was doing something important. Yet according to Albert Hofmann, the very first LSD trip was not a dream world, but an everlasting nightmare.


"I did not opt for LSD, LSD found and called me." - Albert Hofmann


His legendary LSD journey laid the foundation for modern psychedelic drug culture and provided a crucial moment in the history of science. In the 1930s they discovered Ergot (Lysergic Acid). After many experiments, Lysergic Acid eventually led to the discovery of LSD. Hofman

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